October 1, 2017

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November 2, 2018

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Decluttering for Developmental Divas & Dudes

July 28, 2017

Okay clinician friends, listen up . . . I hate clutter and messes! As a speech pathologist and a behavior analyst, my “stuff” can start to take over my car, my office and my life if I am not careful. I am always looking for creative ways to organize my therapy materials so that I can find what I need quickly. I have found a new favorite organizational tool and had to share! Full disclosure, the bags come from my brother’s company, INIT, which is of course how I found it and latched right onto it! I don’t get anything from sharing this with you, just the joy of decluttering and spreading my love of organization to all!


I grabbed a bunch of the therapy “stuff” that I cart around:

And then. . . I organized it all!!!!!


Cards, photos, emotional thermometers . . 


Reinforcers, games, social skills tools . . . .


Books, music, and crayons . . .


 I organized it all!


I can grab what I need, when I need it: purple case for social skills, green case for language, blue for early intervention, and gray for phonology and artic!

(Side note - each small case is $29.99)


My plan is to organize one bag for each home visit client so each client has their own bag of cards, toys, tokens, reinforcers, etc. I love tricks that force me to be more organized and stay on top of treatment plans at the same time!


Oh by the way, these bags weren’t intended to be for clinicians, they are actually bags for board game junkies who like to keep all their cards and pieces organized, I just simply re-purposed them! Here is the link if you want to feel the joy of organizing too! https://initgear.com/?utm_source=tc1







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