October 1, 2017

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November 2, 2018

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Yoga and Special Interests

July 10, 2017

There have been several studies analyzing the effects of yoga on children with autism in the last 7-8 years. While more rigorous research is still needed, preliminary findings suggest that a daily yoga routine can help produce positive behavioral changes in preschool and school age children with autism spectrum disorder (e.g., Koenig, Buckley-Reen, Garg, 2012; Rosenblatt et al., 2011). We also know that special interests and preferences can increase a child’s level of motivation (e.g., Koegel & Koegel, 2006).


Recently, I was introduced to Cosmic Kids Yoga* (http://www.cosmickids.com) and I immediately thought it could be a great resource for kids with autism! I am a huge fan of video modeling (e.g., Cardon, 2012), so teaching via video is a go to resource for me, but my favorite part about Cosmic Kids is that it combines yoga and special interests! If you have a child that loves Minecraft or Frozen or Harry Potter, there is a yoga episode designed just for them! She has so many options and they are very user friendly. I got a kick out of trying several of them with the kids in my life. Of course, no research has been done on her particular brand of special interest yoga that I am aware of, so please keep that in mind.


Namaste, friends!


*I am in no way affiliated with Cosmic Kids Yoga, just thought it was a fun resource and wanted to share



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Rosenblatt, L. E., Gorantla, S., Torres, J. A., Yarmush, R. S., Rao, S., Park, E. R., ... & Levine, J. B. (2011). Relaxation response–based yoga improves functioning in young children with autism: A pilot study. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 17(11), 1029-1035.

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